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MathsMatch introduces a new way to improve the Maths skills: making you the one who, for once, corrects other people mistakes while taking off the pressure of being in the spotlight. MathsMatch is an App that intents to create an encouraging, relaxing and fun environment for those who find Mathematics difficult to approach and the ones who can not get enough of calculations.

  • Earn stars and rewards
  • Beat yourself, scoring the best time ever
  • 4,200,000 exercises, you can't get bored
  • Calculation, Decimal, Fraction, Percent, Linear Equation, Exponent

Maths is Magnifico

Learning doesn't have to be a hassle

Maths as a game

Enjoy Maths for the first time! Have fun with the challenges.


Earn stars while you proceed with your exercises! Keep up with the good work!

Beat the clock

Are you faster than yourself? Try to get the best score and time ever!

Daily reports

MathsMatch can send you a daily report with all the finished exercises, errors and scores.

Detailed stats

You can check your overall progress from within the app... so keep improving!


Calculations, Decimals, Fractions, Percentages, Linear Equations, Exponents

Babies, Kids, Teenagers, Adults & Parents

MathsMatch is a tool suitaible for adults and kids, showing the latter the importance of identifying the mistakes on their own in order to get better at Maths. We cannot often resolve equations because of a little mistake; for instance, forgetting to change the sign. Many opt to start over, wasting precious time and focus while getting frustrated instead of cultivating the important skill of recognizing the errors made on the way.

By identifying mistakes, the player raises his/her own level of Maths. In fact, the more you play, the easier will be to find errors and the faster you will be at mental calculations.

MathsMatch is about building the confidence in taking a step back and seeing if mistakes have taken place. If you are able to identify errors, you will able to identify your own mistakes and be sure of the final results, boosting thus your confidence and approach to Maths.

If you are a parent and would like to follow the progress of your children, MathsMatch offers the possibility to receive via email all the information regarding your children's daily results. Thus, you can have a view of your children's strenght and weakness and focus your attention on the latter.


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